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Events and Offers

On this page will show any upcoming events at the pub, as well as any special offers we are running.

Fish Market

Lunch Time Specials

Served Monday to Friday lunch 12 - 2pm Monday - Friday. Choose any meal from the following from only £4.50 each. Not available during Bank Holidays, New Years Eve or Christmas Eve

Cumberland Sausage Ring

Served with mash potato,

peas and gravy

Jumbo Sausage

Served with egg, chips and peas


Double Egg Chips & Peas


Fish & Chips

Served with chips and peas


Smoked Haddock Fish Cake

Served with chips and peas


6oz Gammon

Served with egg or pineapple

chips and peas


Whitby Scampi Bites

Served with chips and peas

Tangy Tomato Pasta

A bowl of pasta covered with our

delicious tomato herb sauce

served with garlic bread


Chicken Supreme

Chicken breast with mushroom

and white wine sauce,

served with chips and peas


Breaded Plaice

Served with chips and peas


Steak & Kidney Pudding

Served with chips, peas and gravy


1/4 lb Beef Burger

Served in a sesame seed bun

with chips and peas


Ham & Egg

Served with chips and peas



£1.95 each

Cherry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Banoffee Gateau

Sticky Toffee Gateau

Chocolate Sponge Pudding

Jam Roly Poly


A mahoosive 80oz rump steak, chips, peas, 2 sides and a baguette & butter. Eat all, including the 2 sides and baguette in 1 hour or less and it is free. Not available on Saturday nights. Please note this meal is for 1 person only and must be pre-booked (deposit required).

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